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Golden Sands is the oldest among the three Bulgarian biggest sea resorts, located in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It belongs to Varna Municipality, Primorski Region, 13 km northeast of the city center. Its ancient name is "Uzun Kum" ("Long Sands").
Golden Sands is the most famous resort along the northern Black Sea Coast. It is situated in the foot of Golden Sands Natural Park, an area protected by law; it is a wonderful place for rest and entertainment. The beach, covered with golden sand, has a length of 3.5 km and width of up to 100 m.
In Golden Sands Natural Park, not only threatened and endangered fauna and flora species are kept, but there are five developed tourist routes that pass through ancient fountains, places for recreation, such of fascinating view to the sea. Cultural-historical heritage of the park includes a wide period – from antiquity to the Late Middle Ages.
Golden Sands  is a protected natural area. The territory around the resort is unique with its flora species and coastal vegetation. It is differentiated as Golden Sands Natural Park.